Hartman Reveals the Words that Made Jordan Binnington Go Crazy

Julien Trekker
March 24, 2023  (11:03)

Jordan Binnington has earned a reputation in the National Hockey League for his intense demeanor and occasional loss of control. This was evident during a recent confrontation with the Minnesota Wild on March 16th.

Binnington snapped and was ejected from the game after attacking Wild's Ryan Hartman.

Hartman Reveals the Words that Made Jordan Binnington Go Crazy


Hartman revealed the cause of Binnington's outburst on the Wild on 7th podcast:
"It started with him spearing Ekker in the end of the first period. Ekker held from behind with his head up like always. He came up into the pile and gave him a little bag check and I was pretty pissed off about that. Kinda just let it settle ‘cause we were down 3-1 and then we scored 3 goals to make it 4-3, they called a timeout, and I went out there and just told him to stay in it, you're alright, just stay in it, you'll be okay.

He didn't like it very much that's when he started coming over to our bench and mouthin' off. Before that draw, actually on that power-play I scored on, I actually told the ref Kelly Sutherland, I'm like hey Binnington is going to take a penalty this shift, you might wanna- ‘cause I was gonna stand in front of him, expecting him to whack me."
Hartman's recounting of the incidents preceding Binnington's explosion offers a distinct perspective on the matter. It seems that Binnington could not cope with Hartman's remarks, allowing his aggravation to get the better of him.
As a Stanley Cup-winning goaltender, one might expect Binnington to maintain his composure. However, it appears that across the league, it has become somewhat of a challenge to see if and when he will lose his temper repeatedly.