Mats Sundin Joins a Prospective NHL Ownership Group

Published March 23, 2023 at 10:04 PM
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Mats Sundin, a Toronto Maple Leafs icon, seems to be embarking on a new NHL journey with a different team. He has recently become part of a prospective ownership group.

Sundin Joins Prospective Senators Ownership Group

Mats Sundin dedicated thirteen seasons to playing in Toronto. As their captain for ten years, he'll always have a special connection to the blue and white.

Nonetheless, reports suggest that he is set to join a potential ownership group for the Ottawa Senators.

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The Ontario-based rivals are considering a deal worth over a billion dollars, with Sundin acting as the hockey advisor to the affluent Kimel family from Toronto. Former TSN personality Brent Wallace shared this information on the Coming in Hot podcast:

I did hear the Kimel family's hockey advisor is Mats Sundin... So, are Sens fans okay with Mats Sundin if he were to be part of the Ottawa Senators organization?

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