Torontonian's Will Not Be Allowed To Attend The Playoffs In Florida

Published May 1, 2023 at 10:24

The Florida Panthers have secured their place in the second round of the playoffs by defeating the Boston Bruins. This win means that they will be facing the Toronto Maple Leafs in the next round. Many Torontonians were looking forward to traveling to Florida to support their team and enjoy the warm weather. However, the Panthers' management has created a controversial new rule that prevents Leafs' fans from attending the games.

The Panthers' decision to restrict ticket sales to US residents only has shocked many people. The new rule states that only individuals with a credit card billing address in the United States will be allowed to purchase tickets. Orders from residents outside of the US will be canceled without notice and refunded. It's ironic that the Panthers have struggled to fill their arena during the regular season, but now they're turning away potential customers during the playoffs.


The new rule is absurd, and it's understandable why many are calling for the NHL to intervene. The Panthers' decision to limit ticket sales based on residency is unfair to Leafs' fans who were looking forward to supporting their team. It remains to be seen if the NHL will take any action to rectify this injustice.

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Torontonian's Will Not Be Allowed To Attend The Playoffs In Florida

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