Trade Officially finalized between the Lightning and the Blackhawks.

Published April 30, 2023 at 6:06 PM
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The trade that sent Brandon Hagel to the Blackhawks for two first-round picks was initially met with shock as many believed the price was too high for a middle-six winger. However, the jury has since changed its mind. As with most trades involving first-round picks, there were conditions attached.

In this case, the 20th overall pick would be sent to the Blackhawks if the Lightning made the playoffs and were eliminated in the first round.

With Tampa Bay losing to Toronto in the first round this year, the Blackhawks received the 20th overall pick from the Brandon Hagel trade. If the Florida Panthers win tonight, the pick will be upgraded to the 19th overall pick. In a highly competitive draft, this is a great deal for the Blackhawks, and it remains to be seen who they will select with this valuable slot.

Additionally, if the Lightning continue to struggle, the Hawks could potentially receive an even higher pick in the 2024 draft, as they also own the Lightning's first-round pick in that year.

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As Read on MarkerZone - Major Update in a Trade Between the Lightning and the Blackhawks
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