Toronto's Goaltending Debate Intensifies

Published October 22, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Leafs' Goalie Conundrum: Samsonov or Woll?

After the recent game against Tampa Bay, the Leafs are facing a goalie dilemma. The real question arises: Who should be their number one between the pipes?

Samsonov's Rocky Start

Contract negotiations and an eventual arbitration marked Samsonov's offseason. However, his in-season performance hasn't matched his ambitions. With an unsettling 4.34 goals against average across his first four matches, Samsonov's form has been a cause for concern.


His performance took another hit during the game against the Lightning when he conceded 3 goals from just 4 shots in the first period, leading to his early exit.

Anticipations were high for Samsonov, especially with Matt Murray on LTIR. Many looked to him as the undisputed number 1 for the Leafs, hoping he would emulate his previous year's form.

Joseph Woll's Rising Profile

Contrary to Samsonov's decline, Joseph Woll's performance is ascending rapidly. Coming in during a challenging phase in the game against Tampa Bay, he managed to stop every shot he faced, ensuring a victory for the Leafs.

"HOLY MACKINAW! WHAT A SAVE BY WOLL!" courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever @Bonsie1951 @Jim_Ralph


Leafs' coach Sheldon Keefe seems to recognize the brewing competition for the goalie spot, with Woll rapidly emerging as a strong contender.

Sheldon Keefe says Joseph Woll will play on Tuesday in Washington, which was always going to be his scheduled start

Is the hope that he'll push Ilya Samsonov?

"Oh, he's pushing"

With Woll's increasing pressure on Samsonov, the hope is for both to elevate their game. A robust competition can only benefit the Leafs, potentially providing them with a dynamic goalie duo as the season unfolds.

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Toronto's Goaltending Debate Intensifies

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