NHL Has To Change Rule to Cover For Mistake in Seattle

Published October 22, 2023 at 2:47 PM

The NHL was forced to change its rules last night during the Kraken-Rangers game in order to cover up a huge mistake.

Teams Forced to Change Ends Every 10 Minutes in Seattle

A wild situation occurred last night prior to the Kraken-Rangers game last night which resulted in the lights being dimmer at the Rangers' end of the rink than the other. This, being completely unfair to the Rangers, forced the referees to make a change to the rules. Instead of switching ends for each period, the rules were changed to make each goalie switch ends after 10 minutes, making the amount of time spent at each end even for home and away.

Sam Rosen breaks down the lighting issues in Seattle - @NYRangers
and @SeattleKraken are going to switch ends at the 10-minute mark of each period 👀

Some Players Enjoyed Playing in the Dark

While this probably was terribly annoying for the goaltenders, some players actually liked playing in the darker end of the rink. Artemi Panarin said after the game that it helped him score, as the goalies couldn't see as well.

"For me, I want it darker, so it's harder for goalies. That's why I scored two," said Panarin after the game on Saturday.

While the League and Refs did a good job making sure that the situation was fair for both teams, do you think the game should have gone on considering the lighting circumstances?

As seen on Hockey Feed - "NHL forced to bend its own rules after screw up in Seattle."
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NHL Has To Change Rule to Cover For Mistake in Seattle

Do you think the NHL should have postponed the game?

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