Connor McDavid Seen Describing His Injury On Camera

Published October 22, 2023 at 12:17

During the game last night, McDavid was caught on camera describing his injury to the Oilers' training staff, and the extent of his injury doesn't look good.

McDavid Describes Injury as Something Torn to Oilers' Training Staff

All eyes were on Connor McDavid as time ticked away in last night's Oilers-Jets game, as it was unlike the star player to miss the end of the third period. When he didn't appear at all in overtime, it was clear that he was suffering some sort of injury.

McDavid was seen on camera describing his injury to Oilers' bench staff, and while there is no confirmation of what he said, it doesn't look good.

Here was McDavid's last shift. I know @jedrock43 can read lips. Did McDavid say «tore something» to TD Forss?

Clearly, this is just speculation, as even McDavid wouldn't know the full extent of his injury right away. However, the reaction does give us some information on how he was feeling during the incident.

Injury Appeared to Occur in a Non-Contact Incident

Non-contact injuries are always scary, as they usually result in some sort of muscular or ligament issue. Many torn ACL's in running sports are the result of non-contact injuries where players turn the wrong way.

McDavid's injury appeared to occur during a rush up the ice, as you can see him ease up after a few hard strides.

Connor McDavid potential injury.

The Oilers are expected to announce the extent of McDavid's injury at some point today.
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Connor McDavid Seen Describing His Injury On Camera

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