Shocking price of a Maple Leafs Home Game Revealed After Recent Study

Published August 2, 2023 at 5:51 PM

Toronto Maple Leafs fans have had it hard for some time, as they ended a 19-year drought by winning in the first round this past year, while their Cup drought dates back to 1967, but now, it's been revealed how tough it is on their wallet too.

Fan Cost Index Report


A recent study was conducted using something called the fan cost index, basing average prices on a family of four with ticket prices, two small beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking for one hour, two game programs, and two cheap adult-size hats.

While the Leafs cost has only gone up 11% since the similar 2012 study, the 2022 version shows us that they are easily the most expensive in the league, with all that costing a whopping $697.75.

Die-hard fans

Things like this happening are why many fans won't bring their family or buy merchandise consistently, but with the lowest team (Arizona) in the league clocking in at around $314.70, it makes it a tough pill for Leafs fans to swallow.

With a historic team, a big venue with a large following in the biggest city in Canada, this statistic hardly comes as a shock to anyone, but it still shows just how tough it is if you want to consistently see Auston Matthews and the teams biggest stars on the ice.

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Shocking price of a Maple Leafs Home Game Revealed After Recent Study

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