Sheldon Keefe's Future Has Been Allegedly Leaked

Published May 18, 2023 at 12:38

An anonymous insider just dropped huge news on the future of the Leafs and a MAJOR move that will be made soon!

Keefe May Be Done In Toronto

Sheldon Keefe's time in Toronto has been an emotional roller coaster. From believing he will be the reason why they win the cup to believing he is what is holding them back from a cup, he has surely had his ups and downs.

It appears Kyle Dubas and Leafs ownership want to get off this roller coaster as an anonymous insider leaked today.

Can't reveal how I know this, because I have to protect the source, but it looks like Sheldon Keefe may be done in Toronto.

While the source is anonymous and holds little credibility, it would not be shocking to see Keefe fired in the near future given how the Leafs have handled unsuccessful coaches in the past.

New Coaching Options

There are many quality coaches available for hire. Two of the more notable ones are former Leafs Head Coach, Mike Babcock, and Stanley Cup-winning coach Peter Laviolette. There are obviously other quality candidates for the job but those are two of the most qualified to run the ship and lead the Leafs to the promised land.

As seen first on Blade of Steel - Report - Sheldon Keefe to be fired by Toronto Maple Leafs
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Sheldon Keefe's Future Has Been Allegedly Leaked

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