Sheldon Keefe Angrily Calls Out NHL Officiating

Published April 3, 2023 at 11:38
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The Maple Leafs experienced a challenging night, prompting Sheldon Keefe to urge GM Dubas to discuss officiating concerns with the league.

Toronto's Officiating Debacle

Michael Bunting received a 10-minute game misconduct penalty during the game.

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After enduring harassment from the Red Wings players throughout the night, Bunting's penalty seems excessive.

When questioned about the penalty, Sheldon Keefe candidly responded:

Surprised? I mean, based on the way that he's been officiated of late, no, I'm not surprised at all ... Bunts has got to do his best to stay on the line & in terms of how he's been officiated, Kyle will deal with that with the league.

He eats 3 cross-checks & he gets taken to the box with it. I don't know if he had 4 or 5 punches in the face in the scrum & he ends up with a misconduct so it's tough for him, but he's got to find his way through that & Kyle will deal with the other stuff ...

Frustrated, Keefe now leaves it to Dubas to communicate with the league. The Leafs will struggle in the playoffs if they don't receive fair treatment from officials!

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