Matt Duchene's Horrifying Injury Has Been Revealed

Published April 3, 2023 at 8:49
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Matt Duchene is known as one of the most determined players in the league, willing to do whatever it takes for his team's success. Regrettably, this commitment led to a significant sacrifice last week.

Duchene Sacrifices Tip of Finger in Shot Block


Matt Duchene's revitalization in Nashville has been a joy to witness, as he's been hovering around a point-per-game average over the past two seasons.

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In addition to his offensive prowess, Duchene is a valuable defensive asset, showcasing excellent stick handling and shot-blocking skills.

However, after blocking a shot last week, he faced a horrifying consequence:

Upon removing his glove after blocking the shot, Duchene discovered the tip of his finger still inside the glove.

This gruesome injury highlights Duchene's resilience, as he's expected to return soon to help the Predators in their push for a playoff spot.

Though he may be short a fingertip, Duchene now has an incredible story to share!

As read on Blade of Steel - Duchene Loses Part of His Finger
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