Shanahan's Revelation: The Reason behind Dubas' Departure from Maple Leafs

Published May 19, 2023 at 3:52 PM

Brendan Shanahan's Press Conference: The Truth Behind Kyle Dubas' Contract Situation

Brendan Shanahan, in a press conference held earlier today, unveiled all the intricate details regarding Kyle Dubas' contract situation. Shanahan laid bare the astonishing tactics Dubas employed in an attempt to negotiate a more lucrative contract with the Leafs.

Kyle Dubas' Surprising Move: Seeking More Money as a GM

Initially, Kyle Dubas proposed a reasonable deal with the Leafs. However, when he realized how much the players valued him, he began to entertain the idea that his popularity could be leveraged to secure a higher paycheck.

Leafs' Response: Understanding the Situation and Cutting Ties

The Leafs' management was aware that a deal with Dubas had essentially been arranged. But Dubas, under the assumption that his job was safe no matter what, sought a substantial pay rise. This demand put a strain on the negotiations and widened the gap in desired salaries by $2-3 million.

Ultimately, the Leafs made the difficult decision to sever ties with Dubas, even though they had intended to retain him as their GM. This outcome seems to trace back to Dubas' final press conference with the Leafs, where he expressed his desire to squeeze more money out of the franchise. Clearly, Dubas was an asset to the Leafs, but unfortunately, he had his priorities in the wrong place.

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Shanahan's Revelation: The Reason behind Dubas' Departure from Maple Leafs

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