Ryan Reaves Motivates Teammates Before Hitting the Ice

Published October 4, 2023 at 11:09

Ryan Reaves could turn out to be a fantastic acquisition for the Maple Leafs. Brad Treliving didn't just bring in someone with grit, he brought in a leader with a dynamic personality.


Reaves in Toronto: A Blend of Leadership and Passion

It's not just Reaves' prowess in fights that makes headlines; he's also known for firing up his teammates before games.

Recall how he did it with the Rangers:

And how he did the same with the Wild:

Fans eagerly anticipated his debut in the Leafs' dressing room, and they weren't disappointed!

Reaves Ignites the Spirit in His Teammates

Before their recent match against the Montreal Canadiens, Reaves reintroduced the iconic "release us" pregame ritual.

"Ryan Reaves brought back the 'RELEASE US' pregame tradition in Toronto 🗣️"

Expect the energy to ramp up as the regular season kicks off!

Reaves is sure to be a vital force in motivating the squad. Here's to hoping Brad Treliving's gamble pays off!

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Reaves Pumps Maple Leafs Squad During Pregame
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Ryan Reaves Motivates Teammates Before Hitting the Ice

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