Reputable Source Shares Updates on the Future of Kyle Dubas

Published May 18, 2023 at 2:26 PM

Unsettled Times for the Toronto Maple Leafs

This year, yet another early playoff exit for the Toronto Maple Leafs has stirred up considerable uncertainty within the organization. The ripple effects are being felt from the players on the rink to the top-ranking executives in the management.

Shockwaves from General Manager Kyle Dubas

During his end of season media interaction, General Manager Kyle Dubas set off shockwaves. He left no stone unturned, hinting at potential trades and even questioning his own future with the organization.

It's clear that the tumultuous 2022-23 season took a toll on him and his family. A steadfast family man, he has reiterated that his family's well-being will factor heavily into his decision about returning.

Uncertain Future for Dubas

Chris Johnston, commenting on the situation, expressed doubts about Dubas's return:

"I know a lot of people around the situation, and there's more and more thought that he might not be the GM of the Leafs moving into next season."

This speculation is fueled by many disappointing playoff losses, which may have eroded the trust between Dubas and the Leafs' owners.

Major Team Restructuring on the Horizon?

Such upheaval could signal the onset of a major team reconstruction, or perhaps a series of minor tweaks. The consensus among observers is that a significant shakeup is necessary, potentially involving a key player like Matthews, Marner, Nylander or Tavares being moved.

Who Will Step into Dubas' Shoes?

If Dubas doesn't return, who will fill his shoes? Options could include Assistant General Manager Brandon Pridham or an external hire. However, it's almost universally accepted that if Dubas departs, coach Keefe will likely follow him.

Keefe's continued tenure is largely owed to his close association with Dubas. Many believe that despite inheriting strong rosters, Keefe has failed to convert talent into success. Coaches have been dismissed for lesser offenses.

A Time of Change for the Leafs

In short, the Toronto Maple Leafs are poised on the brink of significant change. It seems the only certainty is that transformation is imminent, and it's likely to arrive sooner rather than later.

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Reputable Source Shares Updates on the Future of Kyle Dubas

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