Panthers Singer Explains why He Botched the Canadian National Anthem at a Recent Leafs Game

Published March 25, 2023 at 11:56
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During Thursday's game between the Panthers and the Leafs, Ryan Michael James was set to perform the Canadian National Anthem, but ended up botching the words and tune.

Ryan Michael James Forgot the Words to O'Canada

Prior to the game, he posted a shirtless selfie on social media with the caption "still trying to learn the words to O'Canada".


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Watch his full performance:

@citynewsto Ryan Michael James appeared to forget some of the words during his rendition of O Canada. He tells Kiss 92.5 he was a last minute replacement and only found out he was singing hours before the puck dropped between the two teams. #news #citynews #leafs #ocanada #canada ♬ original sound - CityNews

In a radio interview on KISS 92.5's Roz and Mocha Show the following morning, James explained why he messed up the Anthem:

"I found out two hours before that I was actually going on. I had two hours to learn the national anthem for Canada, of which I was not familiar with before doing the gig,"

He also thought the lyrics would be displayed on the jumbotron, which was not the case. James apologized to Canada for his mistake:

"Canada I am so sorry for flubbing the lyrics, I promise it was not intentional."

Despite the incident, the Leafs went on to win 6-2. They have back-to-back games this weekend against Carolina and Nashville.

Some fans are questioning how James had time to post a shirtless selfie but failed to learn the anthem, wondering why a professional singer and influencer couldn't figure out the tune when Canadian children can.

As seen on Hockeypatol - Panthers Singer Provides an Excuse for Botching the Canadian National Anthem, Leaves Leafs Fans and Canadians Upset
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