NHL Seems to Have Made a Decision On the Suspension of Leafs Winger

Published October 17, 2023 at 3:09 PM

After last night's game, it appears the NHL has decided whether or not to suspend this Leafs winger after an awkward hit.

Gregor Appears to Be in the Clear For Hit on Zaitsev

During last night's Leafs-Blackhawks game, Noah Gregor finished an awkward hit on defenseman Nikita Zaitsev which left him down on the ice. During the hit, it appeared that Zaitsev started to fall, which led to his head being right where Gregor's shoulder was completing the hit.

Gregor catches Zaitsev as he's falling

tough break there

Nikita Zaitsev goes down after a hit from Noah Gregor.

Gregor went unpenalized for the hit during the game. Normally, if the NHL's player safety is looking to make a suspension for a hit to the head, they will schedule a hearing approximately 12-16 hours after the hit occurred. This has yet to occur, which strongly indicates Gregor will not be suspended.

Gregor Still Answered for the Hit On the Next Play

Despite the accidental nature of the hit, Gregor still answered for his actions in the next play, agreeing to fight Connor Murphy of the Blackhawks. The move ultimately showed Gregor's respect and acknowledgement that the hit was borderline.

Gregor vs. Murphy

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - "Player Safety appears to make decision on whether or not Leafs winger will be suspended"
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NHL Seems to Have Made a Decision On the Suspension of Leafs Winger

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