NHL official calling no goal on the ice during the Philadelphia Flyers game versus the Washington Capitals
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NHL explains no goal call that cost the Flyers a playoff spot

Published April 17, 2024 at 11:14

The NHL released a statement on the no-goal call from last night's Philadelphia Flyers game, one that should have probably counted with a playoff spot on the line.

Human error is part of the name of the game when it comes to sports. However, it is extremely unfortunate when Officials make the wrong call, and even after video review, can't seem to correct it. That is what happened last night on the biggest stage of them all, as the Philadelphia Flyers thought they had a goal but instead, the play was called dead. Take a look at the video of what happened.

Kelly Sutherland thought Lindgren had control of the puck, but it was in the air and went into the net 😳

The play was determined to not be continuous, and therefore not a goal 👀

This sparked immediate criticism from fans and those around the league, as it clearly should have been reversed, especially in a game that meant so much to the post-season standings.

You simply can't F that up with a playoff spot on the line in these games

After the game, the NHL released the following statement on the reason for the call, which has left fans perplexed as it does not take any accountability to what happened.

The Referee informed the Situation Room he blew his whistle to stop play when he lost sight of the puck, before it entered the Washington net.

The NHL continues to back its officials when they make the wrong call without taking any accountability for missed and wrong calls, which will have bad effects on the trust of the League. There does come a point where some criticism of the Officials by players, coaches, and the League alike would be good to promote accountability.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Referee makes the wrong call, the NHL continues to defend officials
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NHL explains no goal call that cost the Flyers a playoff spot

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