Tyler Bertuzzi celebrating a goal with the Toronto Maple Leafs
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Tyler Bertuzzi hilariously scares Matthew Tkachuk during scrum

Published April 17, 2024 at 10:03

The Leafs and Panthers game last night was heated, as the two teams had the potential to face each other in the post-season and messages were being sent. Tyler Bertuzzi may have gotten his message across to Matthew Tkachuk, as he sent him flinching during a scrum.

Toronto's team looks a lot different this season than they have in seasons past, where they have prioritized skill over grit and toughness. This season is different, though, as the Leafs have added players up and down their lineup who like to get their hands dirty. One of those players is Tyler Bertuzzi, who wouldn't let Matthew Tkachuk push him around last night.

In a scrum between the two, Bertuzzi could be seen re-engaging with Tkachuk as Tkachuk enters late. However, with the referees already in the middle of it, Bertuzzi winds up like he is going to punch but instead decides not to. This makes Tkachuk flinch, despite not being held back by anyone.

The Leafs made it clear that they would not be pushed around this year, and in a way that was different from last season. Instead of having their enforcer in Ryan Reaves fight someone, the entirety of the lineup got involved in every scrum.

While the Leafs and Panthers won't match up in the first round this year, there is no question that their reaction to how things will go against the Boston Bruins should be the same. It is an exciting time to be a Leaf fan.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Tyler Bertuzzi hilariously makes Matthew Tkachuk flinch in scrum
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Tyler Bertuzzi hilariously scares Matthew Tkachuk during scrum

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