NHL Insider Unveils Maple Leafs' Strategy for Martin Jones

Published October 7, 2023 at 4:16 PM

This NHL insider has now revealed what the Leafs' strategy is for third goalie Martin Jones.

Insider Reveals that Martin Jones is Likely to Hit Waivers Soon

Darren Dreger, on TSN's First Up podcast, revealed what he believes the Leafs will do with their third-string goalie Martin Jones. After the preseason, all signs are pointing towards Samsonov starting and Woll backing him up, which leaves Jones to be dealt with somehow.

"I think Marty Jones goes on waivers right before the start of the regular season and Toronto really doesn't have a choice, do they? Martin Jones has been a good story for the Maple Leafs as well and you can see the stability that he provides. I'm a firm believer that it's going to be Samsonov and Joe Woll" - Dreger on the goalie situation in Toronto

Will the Leafs Lose Martin to the Waiver Wire?

Obviously, Samsonov and Woll still have their question marks around them, which is why the Leafs brought in Martin as a solid third option if things go sideways. However, could the Leafs be at risk of losing him via waivers to a team like Tampa? Dreger doesn't think so.

"Go around the National Hockey League and there's a number of teams that have that, same thing applies in Montreal. You got Allen, you got Montembeault - Cayden Primeau needs waivers - he's not clearing if they put him on waivers, so there's probably 7 or 8 scenarios where Tampa Bay could take a look or any other club that thinks that goalie on waivers can help them."

With the start of the season coming up next week, the Leafs will be hopeful that they can keep their trio together when it is time to place Jones on waivers.

As seen on Maple Leafs Insider - "NHL insider reveals what the Maple Leafs' plan is for Martin Jones"
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NHL Insider Unveils Maple Leafs' Strategy for Martin Jones

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