Milan Lucic's Surprising Stance on Joining Toronto

Julien Trekker
June 9, 2023  (4:30 PM)

Although Milan Lucic is getting closer to the end of his hockey career, he is not ready to retire yet. It looks like he has his sights set on joining one of the original six NHL teams.

Lucic Interested in Playing for the Leafs

Lucic, known for his physical presence on the ice, may not score as many goals as he used to, but his toughness and understanding of the game make him a valuable player for any NHL team.
When asked about the possibility of playing for the Leafs, Lucic gave an honest response in a recent interview.
"You can never rule anything out. Obviously, it's an original six franchise, a storied franchise. I've had my fair share of rivalries with the team and now with Brad Treliving coming in, there's some familiarity there, with him being the GM.

I became really good friends with Mark Giordano, being teammates with him in Calgary, and he's told me how much he's enjoyed it and how much he's loved being in Toronto and being a Maple Leafs. I'm still good friends with Jake Muzzin and he had shared the same feelings and how great it is playing in Toronto and how great it is being a part of that organization.

And me, having experienced being on an original six team, there really is nothing like it.. when you're on an original six team, it means something a little bit different and, you know what, if there is an opportunity, I would definitely listen to it. Like I said, you never want to rule anything out and I'm sure I'll be getting a few calls and talking to a few teams moving forward here in the next couple of weeks." - Milan Lucic

Could Lucic be a Good Fit for the Leafs?

The Leafs could benefit from Lucic's physicality and experience in their bottom-six. His desire to play for an Original six team and the point he's at in his career might make him push his play to the next level.
He could do like Mark Giordano, and ask for a lower salary to help the Leafs be as good as possible.
He'd bring the famous grit we've been hearing all about. His style of play would be a great adition to the Leafs' lineup.
Do you think Lucic will play for the Leafs?