Eastern Rival Looking to Steal Sheldon Keefe from the Leafs

Published June 9, 2023 at 3:05 PM
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Rival Team Interested in Sheldon Keefe as Coach

There are some teams looking for a new coach, and it appears that Sheldon Keefe has caught the attention of a rival team in the Eastern Conference. There are rumors suggesting that they are keeping an eye on him to see if he becomes available.

Sheldon Keefe is known for his ability to develop young players, which makes him an attractive candidate for any team that wants to get the most out of their talented young players.

Keefe with the Rangers?

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According to Elliotte Friedman, who shared his thoughts on the 32 Thoughts podcast, the New York Rangers might be considering Keefe as a potential coach.

"I have wondered if there's any chance that #NYR are waiting to see what is happening with Sheldon Keefe. I wonder if there's any chance they're waiting for clarity on that. If they find it and get it, they just go with Hynes or Laviolette, but either way they're waiting."

Initially, Friedman mentioned other experienced coaches like John Hynes and Peter Laviolette, but he also hinted that the Rangers might have someone else in mind.

This has led to speculation that Keefe could be the Rangers' target. It would make sense for the team because they want to see their young players, Alexis Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko, perform at their best. With Keefe's guidance, these players could reach their full potential and help the Rangers become a dominant team in the NHL.
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