Matthews Opens Up on his Chilhood Hero's Involvement in his Contract Negotiations

Julien Trekker
August 31, 2023  (2:55 PM)

Coming into office, one of the main goals of Brad Treliving was to extend Auston Matthews' contract.


To do so, he even hired Matthews' childhood hero, Shane Doan.
But did he really play a role in the negotiations?

Doan and Matthews

Shane Doan, the longtime captain of the Coyotes, has a connection to Matthews, an Arizona native. They met when Auston was just 16 years old, participating in a Coyotes' offseason skate organized by Doan.
In 2014, a 16-year-old Auston Matthews joined a Coyotes offseason skate, organized by captain Shane Doan

That desert connection 🌵
Now, as the Leafs' Assistant to the General Manager, it was implied that his presence would help in keeping Matthews and Knies, another Arizona native.
Brad Treliving hiring Shane Doan as the Maple Leafs' assistant GM is quite the statement.

Auston Matthews and Matthew Knies both have significant connections to Doan. Also the Leafs get another incredible hockey mind in the org.

Leafs special advisor to GM Shane Doan on:

Brad Treliving: "He allows people to have a voice"

Auston Matthews: "I enjoy & admire him ... We got a great relationship"

Matthew Knies: "He stopped by yesterday & gave me a Leafs jersey"

Doan's Involvement in Matthews' Negotiations


Matthews revealed that Doan wasn't very involved in the negotiations. He was around, however, at the start of the process and during the early talks.
"As far as the contract negotiations, he wasn't really too heavily involved. We have a couple of conversations early on when he ended up taking the job. I'm excited. He's a great person, he's a great hockey mind and I'm really going to enjoy seeing him around the rink a lot this year." - Matthews

Doan is only an assistant, and dealing with the biggest contract in the NHL would theoretically fall on the GM's desk before reaching his assistant's.
At the same time, it's hard to believe that Doan didn't play a role in the signing.
As I mentioned a few mins ago on @NHLNetwork, #LeafsForever GM Brad Treliving & Shane Doan met with Auston Matthews & his agent Judd Moldaver this week in AZ. This was more of a 'let's get to know each other' dinner & outline TOR's plan. No contract negotiations took place (1/2)
Matthews says Shane Doan didn't play much of a role in contract negotiations but he's stoked that his boyhood idol is now a member of the #Leafsforever front office.
Even if many sources led us to believe that Doan could have a big role in Matthews' negotiations, it turned out to not be the case.