Matt Murray's Time in Toronto is Coming to an End

Published June 24, 2023 at 4:30 PM
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Matt Murray's Future: Is a Parting with the Leafs on the Cards?

The speculations concerning the future of Matt Murray have been punctuated with a recent revelation. This new piece of information suggests a probable upcoming split between the Leafs and the goaltender.

The Notable Unfollowing Act: A Clue to Murray's Intentions

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Murray recently performed an action on Instagram, which may seem petty, yet is quite telling about his plans for the upcoming season. He chose to unfollow the Leafs.

An act one may argue to be out of place if he had any intention of remaining part of his current team. This suggests that either a trade or a buyout scenario by Treliving may be forthcoming.

A tweet put it aptly:

"Murray unfollowed the Leafs on IG; it looks like a breakup is on the horizon." The user further stated, "A buyout would free just over $1.3M for the Sens, I believe, reducing the amount on the books for 23-24 from $1.56M to $229k if the Leafs can't find a trade partner."

The Impending Decision: Trade or Buyout?

There are substantial financial implications for the Senators, Murray's former team, should a buyout occur. The Senators are already tight on cap space, and a buyout would make things even tighter.

If the Leafs fail to secure a trade partner, the Senators will only have a minuscule $229k left for the following season.

Treliving is now in a situation demanding careful strategic thinking. The more probable scenario is that he will explore trade possibilities for Murray.

However, should the trade negotiations not materialize, it wouldn't be shocking if Treliving resorts to buying out Murray.

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