BREAKING: Avalanche and Predators Strike a Trade Deal

Published June 24, 2023 at 12:16
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A New Trade Deal Emerges in the NHL

The ice hockey world is buzzing as trade season gains momentum. The latest news to hit the headlines is the deal between the Nashville Predators and the Colorado Avalanche.

High-profile Player Exchange

The Predators have recently confirmed that they've traded their player, Ryan Johansen, to the Colorado Avalanche. In return, they received Alex Galchenyuk from the Avalanche. The details of the exchange can be found in the following tweet:

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The Financials of the Trade

As per the terms of the trade, half of Johansen's $8-million cap hit will be retained by the Predators for the subsequent two years.

GM Barry Trotz's Maiden Move

This trade marks the first major decision by the Predators' General Manager, Barry Trotz, since he assumed his new role. It's noteworthy that he managed to clear out such a substantial amount of cap space through this trade.

Future Implications of the Deal

The impact and outcome of this deal for both teams remain to be seen as the season unfolds.

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