Former Leafs Goalie Expresses His Desire to Play for Rival Team

Published June 24, 2023 at 11:30
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A Candid Interview with James Reimer

Recently, the Habs Fan TV team shared an intriguing video interview with James Reimer, the goaltender for the San Jose Sharks. They posed a fascinating question to the player, asking if he'd ever be interested in wearing a Canadiens jersey.

Reimer's response was quite intriguing:

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"Yeah I would, I would. You know it's a great hockey franchise"

Interestingly, Reimer was actually in Montreal when he heard the news of his trade.

A Nostalgic Encounter with the Toronto Maple Leafs

In the same interview, the team also jokingly inquired about the Toronto Maple Leafs, highlighting Reimer's past as their goaltender.

James Reimer: A Professional Overview

Reimer is an impressive figure on the ice. During his last season, he played in 43 games, with a GAA (Goals Against Average) of 3.48 and a save percentage of 0.890. It's important to note that Reimer will become a free agent in just a few days.

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