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Matt Murray Losing Favour With Leafs Fans and Management

Published March 14, 2023 at 10:33

Although Matt Murray has had a decent season thus far, his recent performances have been some of his weakest. As a result, concerned fans are beginning to worry.

Murray Getting Crushed Under the Pressure

Matt Murray's recent streak of allowing at least four goals in his last five games is unacceptable, especially since the Leafs need to secure their home advantage over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This has understandably raised concerns about Murray's position in the team's tandem. Despite being pinned as the playoff starter since the start of the season, it's starting to feel like Samsonov has the edge over Murray.

Although Murray has commented on his recent performances, ultimately his words hold little weight if his on-ice performances fail to improve.

«I've been feeling better and better every gameThat's all I can do right now, just keep improving»

Matt Murray's save percentage of .840 since being activated off LTIR is simply not good enough to inspire confidence in his ability to perform well in the playoffs.

Fortunately, Samsonov has been playing at a high level, and he appears to be the stronger candidate to start in the playoffs.

Source: Maple Leafs Insider
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Matt Murray Losing Favour With Leafs Fans and Management

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