Leafs Make Roster Move to Give Hometown Hero One Last Hurrah

Published April 7, 2023 at 9:57 PM
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Playoff Preparations: Leafs Make Roster Adjustments

As the playoffs draw near and the stakes reach an all-time high, Toronto Maple Leafs' General Manager, Kyle Dubas, is hard at work perfecting his team's lineup.

Simmonds Gets the Call

In a significant roster move, the Leafs revealed that they will be reassigning goaltender Joseph Woll to their AHL affiliate, the Toronto Marlies, and calling up veteran forward Wayne Simmonds.

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There are a couple of possible reasons for this decision:

The Leafs have their final home game of the season tomorrow, and this could be the organization's way of giving Simmonds a memorable farewell before he potentially hangs up his skates.

Alternatively, the Leafs might be looking to add some grit to their lineup against the Tampa Bay Lightning, as they have done in previous seasons.

No matter the reason, the Marlies are set to benefit from the addition of star goalie Woll. With his presence, the team is well-positioned for a deep playoff run, and a Calder Cup may be within their reach.

Keep an eye on Kyle Dubas you never know what he has up his sleeve!

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