Kyle Dubas Reportedly Keen on Bringing Three Staff Members From the Leafs to Pittsburgh

Published June 4, 2023 at 4:37 PM
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Kyle Dubas Reportedly Keen on Bringing 3 Staff Members From the Leafs to Pittsburgh

Kyle Dubas officially started with the Penguins.

It seems that Dubas wants to bring some important people from the Leafs' front office with him to Pittsburgh.

Dubas to Poach Leafs' Employees?

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According to James Mirtle:

"Another discussion I'm hearing is that the Leafs will try to retain assistant GM Brandon Pridham, although they don't have a vacant GM role to offer him and the Penguins now do, so theoretically that could be a factor.

Other teams believe Dubas will also attempt to bring over Leafs' head scout Wes Clark and members of Toronto's analytics department, although the complicating factor is many of them are under contract."

Elliotte Friedman also shared his thoughts on the situation:

"I think the two names people talk about are Wes Clark and Darryl Metcalf, who is one of their assistant general managers."

If Dubas can recruit the Head Scout, an Assistant GM, another Assistant GM, and multiple analysts, this would nearly gut the Toronto organization.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - Report: Kyle Dubas looking to steal three members from the Leafs
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