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Keefe Opens Up About his Return Next Season and Working with Treliving

Published June 30, 2023 at 8:29 PM

Keefe Continues as Toronto's Head Coach

There were rumors about Sheldon Keefe's future as head coach after Kyle Dubas was fired. However, Brad Treliving recently confirmed that Keefe will stay as the Leafs' coach for the next season, putting an end to the speculation.

During a press conference at the Draft in Nashville, Keefe spoke about his unexpected partnership with Treliving and how they started working together.

«It has been a good process, a thorough one, at times uncertain and uncomfortable. It was a necessary one in understanding the position that Brad and the organization are in. I approached it as though I was starting anew."


Keefe also talked about the shared understanding and respect that defined their partnership:

«Where we matched, was he had great respect for how our team defended and how our team has evolved in that sense, the effort and commitment that our best players have shown on the defensive side of the puck and how that has developed over the years.

That is something that he believes is the foundation of any team and, in particular, when it's led by your best people. He has seen the growth in our players and how they have done that.»

Keefe on Working with Doan and Treliving

Keefe expressed his excitement about collaborating with Shane Doan and Treliving:

«I was thrilled when I got the call that we were going to work together and it has been terrific since. It has been great to work with Brad and Shane Doan, for that matter.»

As for Keefe's future with the Leafs, his current contract will end next summer. The team and coach have not discussed a potential extension yet. Keefe mentioned:

«That will play itself out. There's a lot on his list right now and I understand that. When the timing is right, we will spend some time and talk about it and see what works for the organization and myself and go from there.»

Meanwhile, Treliving and Keefe will use this season to evaluate their working relationship. If things don't go well, Keefe may explore other opportunities when his contract expires.

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Keefe Opens Up About his Return Next Season and Working with Treliving

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