Insider with a Major Update on Luke Schenn's Contract Talks

Published June 8, 2023 at 8:36 PM
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Luke Schenn's Unexpected Turnaround in Toronto

Luke Schenn, the seasoned defenseman, stunned Leafs fans after being transferred from the Vancouver Canucks to the Toronto Maple Leafs this season.

A former high pick for the Leafs, Schenn's career initially had a short-lived success and later saw him serve as a depth blueliner. Regardless, Schenn may lack the top-level talents of a 5th overall selection, but he has proven himself as a strong defensive defenseman.

Schenn's Performance After Joining the Leafs

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After the transfer at the deadline, Schenn participated in 15 regular season games and 11 playoff games for the Leafs. During this period, he managed to contribute a modest two points.

However, his previous performance in Vancouver, where he played alongside the celebrated defenseman Quinn Hughes, saw him achieve three goals and 21 points over 55 games. An impressive feat for a supposedly aging physical defenseman, indeed.

Potential Contract Renewal with the Leafs

Recent rumors suggest a potential reunion between Schenn and the Leafs. Canucks insider Rick Dhaliwal has reported that Schenn is eager to negotiate a contract with the Leafs, expecting both an increase in his salary and a longer-term deal.

Refer to the tweet below for more details:

Why Schenn's Continued Association with the Leafs is Beneficial

In my opinion, securing a player like Schenn would be a strategic move for the Leafs. Schenn, with his veteran status and eagerness to play in Toronto, brings to the table something that the team profoundly lacks - tenacity.

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