Philadelphia Flyers Reportedly Eager to Part Ways with Troubled Player

Published June 8, 2023 at 4:46 PM
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The Philadelphia Flyers made waves in the hockey world when they acquired Tony Deangelo at last year's NHL Entry Draft. The defenseman's offensive talent is undeniable, but his defensive game is in shambles and his off-ice problems are plenty.

Flyers Already Done With DeAngelo

According to a recent report by Elliotte Friedman, the Flyers have already tested the trade market for DeAngelo, less than a calendar year after acquiring him. DeAngelo has one year left on the contract that he signed right after being traded to Philly, but it doesn't seem like the Flyers have any intention of keeping him around for the end of it.

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Newly appointed Flyers GM Daniel Briere has already made a massive splash on the trade market and could look to make DeAngelo his next priority. After all, he didn't sign DeAngelo to that contract.

DeAngelo's Past is an Issue

Tony DeAngelo has built himself quite the reputation around the NHL, and it could cause the Flyers some issues when trying to move him. He's been at the center of multiple racism controversies and was bought out of his contract with the New York Rangers due to an off-ice altercation with another teammate.

DeAngelo signed a one-year, prove-it, contract with the Carolina Hurricanes two off-seasons ago, but even they only kept him around for one season. It seems like no matter where he goes, trouble follows him.

As Seen on House of Hockey - Philadelphia Flyers Reportedly Desperate to Cut Ties With DeAngelo
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