Insider Predicts who the Starting Goaltender for the Leafs Will be Next Year

Published June 8, 2023 at 11:54
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Changes in Front of the Leafs Net

Toronto Maple Leafs' goalie situation is about to go through some big changes. Brad Treliving is in charge of making important decisions regarding the goalies. It's no secret that Matt Murray might leave the team. People have been speculating about this for a few days now.

There's talk that Samsonov might get a contract extension, and Woll is likely to be the backup goalie next season. However, we could see a big plot twist.

Rumors suggest that Treliving might completely change direction and bring in a new goalie to protect the Leafs' net next season.

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Treliving to Bring Flames' Goalie With Him?

Eric Francis, a well-known analyst from Sportsnet, made an interesting prediction a while ago that Treliving might join the Leafs. As you know, it happened, but that's not all he also mentioned the possibility of Daniel Vladar joining him.

The Leafs have enough assets to bring in Vladar, especially if they're willing to say goodbye to Nylander or Murray. With Vladar's salary of $2.2 million for the next couple of seasons, this could be a smart move for the Leafs as they manage their roster with upcoming free agents.


In Calgary, the Flames have Dustin Wolf waiting, ready for his big opportunity, and they could benefit from another top-six forward.

This potential trade could be beneficial for both teams, and it wouldn't be surprising if Vladar becomes a Leafs player next season.

Would you like to see Vladar join the Leafs?

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