BREAKING: Flyers asking price for Carter Hart has been revealed

Published June 8, 2023 at 9:48
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Hart: Talented, Young and Valuable

Sometimes, when a young and talented goalie becomes available, teams get really excited and want to sign them. They know that these players are special and can make a big impact on a team. In the case of a trade, the team that sells the goalie can expect to get a lot of valuable things in return.

Right now, everyone is talking about Carter Hart. The price to acquire him has been revealed and is causing a lot of debates.

His Real Value

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The 24-year-old goalie is not like the others. He has already been playing in the league for a few years and has a bright future ahead. He has a lot of potential to improve.

His statistics may not look outstanding at first glance, but if you look deeper, you'll see that he's really an exceptional player.

It was reported on Twitter that the Flyers are asking two first round picks for the goalie.

"A source says that the Flyers might want at least 2 first-rounders for Carter Hart. "

Now the big question is: Is Hart's incredible skill worth two first round picks? Recently, even Ivan Provorov was traded for a first round pick and a second round pick, so anything is possible.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - The Flyers' Ask for Hart Has Been Revealed and it's Insane!
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