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Ex Leafs Goalie Criticizes Mike Babcock's Excessive Ego

Published June 7, 2023 at 5:18 PM

The Career and Controversies of Mike Babcock

Renowned for his career in the NHL, Mike Babcock has been the subject of controversy for his outmoded coaching style, which ultimately led to his dismissal from his position in Toronto.

Though widely respected, his coaching methods did not meet universal approval, thereby costing him his tenure in Toronto.

Babcock's Anticipated Return to NHL

Since his departure from Toronto, Babcock has professed that he has undergone a transformation. His return to NHL, specifically to the Columbus team, is all but officially confirmed.

As we await the formal announcement of Babcock's reentry into NHL with the Blue Jackets, comments have begun to surface from some of his former players.

Jean-Sebastien Giguere's Thoughts on Babcock's Return

Jean-Sebastien Giguere, the former goaltender, publicly addressed Babcock's imminent return during an episode of Sportsnet's THE FAN 590's Morning Show.

He shared his personal experience with Babcock:

"I had Mike in his early days, and I loved playing for him. He was very intense and demanding but, at the same time, was very well prepared. He was very confident in the way he wanted his team to play.

I enjoyed the way he was off the ice too; he knew your wife and kids. I think over the years, he became too big, thought of himself too highly. Everyone makes mistakes in life, and I hope that he's learned."

Giguere, like others who have voiced their thoughts about Babcock, had a positive experience in the initial stage of his career but felt that Babcock's ego grew disproportionately large over time.

Hopes for Babcock's NHL Comeback

The idea is that Babcock's self-proclaimed transformation is genuine, especially if he is to make a successful return to the NHL.

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Ex Leafs Goalie Criticizes Mike Babcock's Excessive Ego

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