Insider Shares Significant Trade Underway for the Leafs

Published June 22, 2023 at 12:22
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Is A Significant Trade in the Pipeline for Toronto?

The hockey world is abuzz with the anticipation of major moves from Brad Treliving and the Maple Leafs this summer.

Given the staggering 22 free agents they have on their roster, the Leafs find themselves in a tight spot. The only way forward seems to be shedding some underperforming contracts to pave the way for fresh signings.

Rumours are also rife about Matt Murray, with options on the table of him either being bought out or traded. But intriguingly, there appears to be another crucial trade under the works within the Leafs, and it involves one of the "Core Four."

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Will Nylander or Matthews be the Trade Subject?

Howard Berger, a respected sports journalist, recently took to Twitter to share an interesting tidbit:

The Leafs are reportedly in serious talks about a pre-draft trade, with a member of the Core Four being involved.

Here is his exact statement:

"Told the #Leafs are «working diligently» on a pre-draft trade. Involving a member of the Core-4, I'm not sure. Perhaps Nylander, which is risky. Matthews is the only guy I'd trade. #LeafsForever"

Awaiting Trade Decisions with the Draft Looming

This revelation brings up a critical issue, Treliving had previously stated that the Core Four were untouchable in Toronto. However, he may reconsider his position and decide to trade one of them if it yields a profitable return.

The draft is steadily approaching, and Treliving's decision will come to light soon. It's a wait-and-see game for everyone involved and the fans alike.

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