Rangers Star Forward May Be the Perfect Fit to Pair with Connor Bedard

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 21, 2023  (10:03 PM)

Chicago Blackhawks: The Dawn of a New Era

There's a wave of anticipation and excitement sweeping over the Chicago Blackhawks as they embark on a fresh chapter in their history.

The NHL Draft Lottery Victory

After years of underperformance, the Blackhawks found a beacon of hope when they clinched the NHL Draft Lottery. This victory gave them the golden opportunity to pick the incredibly talented Connor Bedard from Regina Pats, potentially heralding a significant turn of events for the team.

Connor Bedard: A Game-Changing Prospect

Being the most promising prospect since Connor McDavid in 2015, Bedard is the undisputed first overall pick in everyone's books. His acquisition by the Blackhawks is anticipated to accelerate their rebuilding process significantly.
Last year, Chicago found itself amongst the three worst-performing teams in the NHL. Critics accused the team of deliberately 'tanking' their season to boost their chances of securing Bedard.
Now with Bedard on board, and considerable cap space to boot, the Blackhawks are in a position to recruit more talent in the impending NHL Free Agency.

The Superstar Duo Proposition

During a recent episode of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, hosts Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek discussed the potential of Russian star Vladimir Tarasenko joining Chicago. Their thoughts can be found in these tweets:
Friedman suggested that Tarasenko could fit well in a "short term deal," while Marek emphasized the necessity to surround Bedard with "skill and toughness."

Tarasenko: A Valuable Addition?

As a seasoned scorer with impressive career stats with the Blues and Rangers, Tarasenko could be a valuable addition to the Blackhawks. He had a commendable performance last year, scoring 50 points in 69 games.
The Blackhawks have a plethora of cap space and could potentially go the extra mile to recruit a star like Tarasenko to team up with their new talent, Bedard. The Hawks need to bolster their forward talent to ensure Bedard's success in the coming year. A short term deal with Tarasenko could provide mutual benefits - it would allow Tarasenko to profit, play with a new generation superstar, and potentially join a contender at the Trade Deadline.
Meanwhile, Chicago could gain an experienced player with playoff experience - a valuable commodity considering the team's current lack of experienced players.
The Blackhawks could even consider trading Tarasenko at the deadline for future assets, further supporting their rebuild efforts.