Insider Points to Two Key Leafs Forwards as Likely Trade Candidates

Published May 17, 2023 at 1:49 PM

Speculations on the Potential Trade of Core Four Members

The Toronto Maple Leafs' "core four" - Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, John Tavares, and William Nylander - have been the subject of various trade speculations. Among them, insider information points towards two specific players who are likely to be traded.

Leafs' Roster Shake-up: Marner and Nylander Under the Spotlight

An imminent shake-up in the Leafs' roster during this offseason could imply trading a member of the core four. Each of these four stars - Matthews, Marner, Tavares, and Nylander - brings their unique talent to the team. However, Luke Fox, a Leafs insider, suggests that Marner and Nylander might be the potential candidates for a trade.

This proposition may seem preposterous at first glance, yet upon closer analysis, it could be a sensible move for the team.

The Case for Trading Marner or Nylander

The rationale behind the idea of trading either Marner or Nylander is rooted in their significant cap hits. These hits have been a hindrance to the Leafs, inhibiting them from building a consistently strong team, an essential element for a cup-winning squad.

All members of the core four have cap hits exceeding $6.9 million, with three of them even reaching well above $10.9 million. Nylander, with a cap hit of approximately $6.9 million, is the most affordable of the four, making him an easier and more plausible trading option.

Marner's cap hit is nearly $5 million higher than Nylander's. However, Marner's potential trade value lies in his youth and the fact that he is just about to reach the point in his career where he'll be the best he can be.

Why Matthews and Tavares are Likely to Stay

The reasons for not considering Matthews or Tavares for a trade are straightforward. Matthews' performance and skill level make him indispensable for the team, while Tavares has a No-Movement Clause in his contract, which he has stated he will not waive.

Consequently, if the Leafs' lineup is to undergo a significant change, it is most likely to be due to the departure of either Marner or Nylander, but I'm leaning more towards Marner being moved.

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Insider Points to Two Key Leafs Forwards as Likely Trade Candidates

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