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Gary Bettman Helps the Maple Leafs the Day of Game 1

Published April 18, 2023 at 5:34 PM

The Maple Leafs have been facing a real goaltending crisis lately, resorting to junior and college call-ups to patch up the gaps in their roster.

This situation arose from the NHL preventing roster moves to promote a goalie from the AHL, and with their salary cap stretched to its limit, making any moves became almost unattainable.

Fortunately, Bettman had a change of heart just hours before the game was set to begin.

Bettman Rescues the Leafs for Game 1

"Keefe says a rule change allows teams to carry a pro goalie as an EBUG in playoffs."

A freshly implemented rule now permits teams to carry a third goalie during the playoffs as an EBUG, as opposed to the typical arena EBUG. This allowed the Leafs to summon Erik Kallgren from the Marlies without any penalties.

This development comes as a relief for the Leafs, who have been struggling with injuries in the goaltending department.

As featured on HockeyPatrol - New Rule Change Gives Leafs An Edge Before Game 1
April 18   |   242 answers
Gary Bettman Helps the Maple Leafs the Day of Game 1

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