Igor Shesterkin Reveals His Outrageous Side-Hustle In A Hilarious Interview

Published April 18, 2023 at 4:55 PM
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Igor Shesterkin shocks his teammates with his hilarious side hustle

Shesterkin Side Hustle Exposed

Everybody knows Igor Shesterkin has undeniable talent in the crease but he also has a knack for business.

In an interview earlier today Shesterkin leaked his side hustle

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They sign for me lots of jerseys. I put them on Russian EBay. Don't tell them.

It is now revealed that Shesterkin is hilariously using his teammates for some side money!

By having Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko sign authentic jerseys for him, he can sell at a massive markup to collectors. For each signature Igor is potentially making upwards of $500 because a signature skyrockets the value of the jersey.

New York real estate prices must be really crazy if his $5.66M salary can't cover rent!
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