Friedman's Update on Marner's Expected Contract Has Leafs Fans Worried

Published August 25, 2023 at 1:20 PM

When Brad Treliving sealed the deal on Auston Matthews' hefty 4x$13.25M contract this week, it sent shockwaves throughout the hockey world.

An interesting question was brought up.

If Matthews is making $13.25M, how much is Mitch Marner going to get?


Predicting Marner's Next Deal

Elliotte Friedman, on his podcast, shed some light on what the Toronto Maple Leafs might be considering for Marner's upcoming extension.

"What is Marner's next number? Because he was the closest one to Matthews. When Matthews signed for an $11.634M AAV, all of a sudden Marner became close to an $11M player. So now that Matthews' number is $13.25M, what's Marner's number? Is it $13.249999M?"

Is Marner Worth $13M?

Marner's performance last season was nothing short of remarkable. But does that warrant a $13M tag? While many are speculating figures around $11M to $12M, the $13M mark is a bit of a stretch for some.

To put it plainly, Marner and Matthews, despite their close comparisons, aren't exactly on the same playing field. Matthews boasts an impressive 542 points from 481 games with Toronto, while Marner hasn't crossed 35 goals in a season or touched the 100-point milestone.

Are you worried the Leafs will overpay for Marner?

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Elliotte Friedman Drops a Bombshell Regarding Marner's Future
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Friedman's Update on Marner's Expected Contract Has Leafs Fans Worried

Are you worried Marner will be overpaid?

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