Friedman Unveils the Current Status of Maple Leafs' Negotiations with William Nylander

Published June 26, 2023 at 5:51 PM
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Negotiating Contract Extensions: Matthews and Nylander

The pivotal task for Brad Treliving this year involves negotiating contract extensions for William Nylander and Auston Matthews.

As the General Manager of the team, the continuity of the famed Core Four hangs in the balance based on these negotiations.

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Both Nylander and Matthews hold a strong bargaining position, considering their undeniable talent.

Nylander's projected demand floats around a whopping $9M, while Matthews could become the league's highest-paid player with an estimated yearly salary of $14M. Quite a hefty sum.

Latest Developments in Nylander's Negotiation

Elliotte Friedman has brought to light some new developments in the ongoing negotiation with Nylander.

According to Friedman, negotiations between the Leafs and Nylander seem to be on rocky ground.

The desire of Toronto to retain Nylander is evident, yet the two parties remain far from striking a deal. This information comes courtesy of a post by Leafs Latest on Instagram:

"According to Elliotte Friedman he believes the Leafs want to keep F William Nylander but says they aren't close in terms of a contract extension."

Nylander's characteristic reluctance to settle for a reduced salary suggests a tough negotiation path. He may compel the Leafs to meet his demands or consider switching teams.

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