Frank Seravalli Gives Important Details on Nylander's Contract Status

Dawson McKenzie
September 19, 2023  (3:32 PM)

William Nylander is the talk of Toronto coming into training camp, with rumours of his contract extension, or potential trade, swirling the entire offseason. Recently, an NHL insider gave an important update on the status of his extension.

Frank Seravalli Gives Update On Nylander's Extension Status

On a recent podcast, Seravalli gave some details on whether or not he thinks a deal will get done as training camp ramps up for the Leafs.
I think they're quite comfortable from the Nylander camp's perspective. Let's play this out, see what happens, and enter the season. Let's see if he can have another year like he did last year, because if it's not going to be in Toronto, it's going to be somewhere else. He's already a pretty wealthy guy, but he'll be hitting a significant payday. It's an exciting place to be if you're Nylander because you already have some career security.
If you asked Leaf fans at the beginning of the offseason, the general sentiment was that the Team needed an answer for Nylander before training camp started, otherwise it would be a distraction. Now, it seems as though the tides are turning, and many are okay without extending Nylander, giving the Leafs a bit more freedom this season to see how things play out.

Seravalli Also Gives Important Update on Nylander Trade Discussions

Many believed that given his contract status, and with a new GM in town, Nylander was going to be shopped around this offseason. However, Seravalli says it's likely the opposite.
I don't think so. Especially with one more season at his current deal, and we'll discuss the cap situation in a moment. When you look at where they're at, if you have a guy who's anywhere close to 40 goals and 90 points for under 7 million bucks a year, you've got to take full advantage of that. So, I think he's more valuable to the Leafs than he is on the trade market for this upcoming season.

If the Leafs are serious about this being the year they make a run at the Cup, having a contract like Nylanders is an important tool in getting there. For this season, there is no replacing that contract value through any trade. The downfall, though, could be that the Leafs don't make the jump this year, and lose Nylander for nothing.