Bissonnette Believes Babcock's Resignation Goes Beyond Cancel Culture

Arron Murphy
September 19, 2023  (2:11 PM)

A Situation That Cost Mike Babcock His Job in the NHL


The hockey community was jolted last week when Paul Bissonnette and the Spittin' Chiclets team made startling revelations about Mike Babcock's conduct. According to Bissonnette, they had received information from players alleging that Babcock had been confiscating players' phones and intrusively browsing through their personal photos. In response, Babcock vehemently denied any sinister intent behind his actions.
However, a few days later, following the involvement of the NHL Players' Association (NHLPA), it emerged that Babcock's actions were not as innocent as he had claimed. Reports surfaced of an incident occurring outside the team's facilities where Babcock spent an extended period rifling through a young player's device. This revelation ultimately led to Babcock's resignation.

Bissonnette's Recent Comments on Babcock's Situation and Cancel Culture


Today, Bissonnette and his colleagues took the opportunity to address this situation and clarify that it wasn't merely an example of cancel culture at work. They emphasized that there were valid concerns about privacy and player well-being that prompted these actions.
"Never did I call for Babcock to get fired on the last podcast. I didn't give a flying f*** if he stuck around. Babcock's future didn't lie in my hands. It lied in the hands of the younger players, in which he did even worse s*** to, which didn't come out and that still had been under wraps. Probably because they want to protect these guys, when what they should be doing is focusing on hockey. My biggest ask here moving forward is any media member that steps around the team. Don't ask them about this anymore. Leave these f***ing players alone. This happened before training camp. The right guy is in the position now, in Pascal Vincent.

If you're thinking, 'oh this is cancel culture'.

NO! This is a guy who has been known to do this s***, doing the exact same s*** after going away for four years. Who just didn't learn his lesson."

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The hope is that the media respects Bissonnette's advice and refrains from hounding these players, although that outcome appears increasingly unlikely.