Former Leafs Player Criticizes Sheldon Keefe

Published October 18, 2023 at 9:35

Brad Treliving chose to renew Sheldon Keefe's contract for an additional two seasons during the offseason. Like all head coaches in major-market teams, Keefe's choices are under the microscope of countless fans.

Ex-Maple Leaf Criticizes Sheldon Keefe


In a recent interview with JD Bunkis on Sportsnet 590's The Fan, former Maple Leaf Kris Versteeg voiced his concerns about Keefe's tactics. He suggested that the way Keefe is deploying his players may not maximize their potential.

Versteeg's comments were particularly directed at Max Domi's usage in the season's initial three games. The latest addition to the Toronto team averaged only 12 minutes on the ice.

Versteeg believes that Domi needs more playing time to truly make his mark. He expressed:

"You need to get guys extended, trusted minutes to get them in the game. If you expect Max Domi to score with 11 minutes [on the ice]... it's not going to happen."

Maximizing Player Potential


The Leafs have an impressive roster, posing a challenge for Keefe: Does he allocate some of the ice time reserved for stars like Mitch Marner or William Nylander to Max Domi?

If the top players continue to performe well, there's no argument for reducing their ice time in favor of Domi.

Yet, if Domi showcases exceptional skill within his limited 11-12 minute window, or in case of an injury to a key player, Keefe might feel compelled to adjust his ice time.

Still, it seems unlikely for Domi to surpass the ice-time of the Leafs' main players.

Do you think Domi deserves more minutes on the ice?

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Former Leafs Player Criticizes Sheldon Keefe

Do you think Domi deserves more minutes on the ice?

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