Fan Favourite Former Leaf Could Return in the Off-Season

Published June 17, 2023 at 7:30 PM
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As a Leaf between 2015 and 2019, Connor Brown became a crowd favourite.

After having been traded, he has suffered from injuries. An unfortunate ACL tear during a contract year saw him only participate in 4 games for the Capitals in the previous season, a truly untimely misfortune.

A Return for Brown in Toronto?

Brown was in the last year of his 3-year contract, commanding a $3.6M cap hit. He will likely attract some interest once free agency begins, but due to his major injury, he likely won't be all that expensive to sign. However, his chances of securing a long-term contract or hefty payday seem slim. If he is willing to sign a one or two year deal, for $1.5-2M, he could be an incredible option for the Leafs.

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Known for his gritty play, Brown is a versatile winger who excels at penalty-killing and can fit in any spot in the lineup, offering some offensive edge. With the right linemates, he could absolutely score 20-goals.

While there isn't any concrete evidence linking Brown to the Leafs right now, barring the scout's report, logic and sentiment both suggest that a reunion could be on the cards this summer.

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