Ex-NHL Referee Mocks Auston Matthews

Published May 13, 2023 at 3:05 PM

Tim Peel's Controversial Remarks on Leafs and Auston Matthews

The former NHL referee, Tim Peel, renowned for his disgraceful past, recently unleashed some controversial statements about the Toronto Maple Leafs and Auston Matthews. The fallout from his remarks has created quite the stir within the NHL community.

Peel's Provocative Tweets

Following the defeat of the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Florida Panthers in game 5, Peel took to Twitter to express his views about Matthews and the Leafs. His first tweet was a pointed critique of Matthews and the team, insinuating that their current lineup would not secure them the cup.

In a subsequent tweet, Peel continued to cast aspersions on Matthews, albeit in a manner that led him to incorrectly spell the player's name, resulting in him making himself look stupid, a hilarious backfire.

Leafs' Playoff Run and Peel's Motivations

Despite the crushing loss of the second round, there are plenty of positives to glean from the Leafs' playoff performance. Peel, a figure consistently enveloped in drama, has taken the opportunity to berate the former MVP. His motivations remain unclear, but one thing if for certain, his mockery of The Leafs surely did not go the way he had planned.

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Ex-NHL Referee Mocks Auston Matthews

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