Leafs Fans Unite Over Hate of Radko Gudas on Social Media

Published May 13, 2023 at 12:29

Last night was very sad for Leafs fans, who had to watch one of the best teams ever assembled on paper, lose in the semifinals to the wildcard Florida Panthers. It was truly a disappointing sight after so much hope was sparked by this team, but the biggest gripe may have been with Panthers defenseman, Radko Gudas.

Gudas Shows No Class Following Win

Radko Gudas has made plenty of enemies over the years thanks to his classless, dirty style of play. Plenty of fanbases have taken exception to his antics, and now we can add the Leafs to this list.

After Nick Cousins scored the OT winning goal last night, Radko Gudas immediately got in the face of Leafs rookie goaltender Joseph Woll, in what was surely a hard time for him.

Leafs fans on Twitter, immediately took to their timelines to post about the incident, and trashed quite extensively on Gudas.

Was this just a case of Leafs fans complaining about the officiating, or is this criticism warranted?

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Leafs Fans Unite Over Hate of Radko Gudas on Social Media

Should Gudas face a fine from the League?

Yes72875.6 %
No23524.4 %
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