Cherry Unveils His Picks for Toronto Maple Leafs' Head Coach and GM

Published June 6, 2023 at 10:28
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With the departure of Dubas, the online world is buzzing regarding Sheldon Keefe's fate.

In this whirlpool of opinions, one voice stands out - evidently that voice is Don Cherry's.

As one of the most colorful personalities in the hockey world, Cherry's take is always anticipated and seldom inconsequential.

On a recent installment of his widely popular Grapevine Podcast, Cherry let his thoughts fly. He said:

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"The Leafs should get Mark Hunter and Dale as coach. Give it a shot, Mark Hunter, London Knights, they never rebuild, they only re-load, they lost in the finals this year... when Dubas was in the Soo, Mark Hunter won the OHL Championship but lost the Memorial Cup Finals, then the next year won the OHL Championship... 2013-14 they hosted the Memorial Cup, 2016 they won the Memorial Cup, and 2020 he wins the World Juniors. They've been in the Memorial Cup 5 times since Mark and Dale took over."

The episode wasn't short of fireworks! Cherry didn't hold back when it came to Kyle Dubas, laying down some heavy criticism.

As usual, Cherry delivers with his bold remarks.

Credit: Don Cherry Reveals His Choices for Head Coach and GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs
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