Frank Seravalli Criticizes Officials After Terrible Call During The Panthers Vs Golden Knights Game

Published June 6, 2023 at 8:03
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Over the course of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we've witnessed some intriguing decisions and omissions made by NHL officials. However, a particular call made during Monday night's game between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights has raised eyebrows, even prompting Hockey Insider Frank Seravalli to question it.

The incident occurred in the third period when Matthew Tkachuk, seemingly rather lightly, poked at Michael Amadio, causing his stick to be knocked out of his hands. Surprisingly, Tkachuk was awarded his third misconduct of the series for this action.

Seravalli, bemused by the call, commented on social media after the game, by Tweeting out the question:

"Is this worthy of a 10-minute misconduct? Woof.

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Interestingly, this is one of 11 distinct 10-minute misconducts that have been handed out in the playoffs so far, not even including an "Abuse of Officials" penalty called on Eric Staal.

Tkachuk, known for his feisty playstyle, isn't necessarily seen as a saint in the game, but many found it hard to overlook a previous play where he was cross-checked from behind by Brayden Mcnabb into the Golden Knights' goal, a foul that went without penalty.

This series of events has led many to question whether the NHL has an agenda regarding who they want to emerge victorious in this series and, ultimately, lift the Cup.

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