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Bruce Boudreau shares his thoughts on who to keep from the core 4

Published July 18, 2023 at 4:07 PM

All Leafs nation has been talking about for the past couple months is the core 4 and what the future holds for the group. A former head coach has shared his thoughts on the core 4.

Boudreau's Thoughts

The two biggest talking points are Matthews and Nylander as both will need new contracts at the end of the season.

With contract talks well under way for both players Bruce Boudreau shares his thoughts on the two players.

«I really don't think William (Nylander) is going to take a hometown discount. And I only say that because I had Michael —his dad. And his dad held out, and looking at William's last contract, he held out. So, I think he has a value of what he thinks he's worth and he's gonna want to get it.»

Boudreau continued.

«And Auston. To me, take him as long as you can have him. If you can sign him for eight years, sign him for eight years, but if you can only sign him for three, take him for three. He is – when healthy and when he wants to play – probably the number three player in the league, if not higher.»

The Contract Negotiations

Nylander is currently reporting to be asking over $10 million with the Leafs offering $8 million.

Matthews is asking for around the $14 million mark for only 5 years.


It looks like the core 4 of the Leafs could very well be changing, Leaf fans have begun speculating what a Nylander trade would look like.

Nylander and Matthews are two very skilled important players to the Leafs success.

Losing one of Nylander or Matthews would drastically change the Leafs roster.

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Bruce Boudreau shares his thoughts on who to keep from the core 4

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